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LAS VEGAS | 8 & 9 MAY 2024 Las Vegas Convention Center

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James Bootle and Amanda Winterflood: Speaking at the E-Commerce, Packaging and Labelling Expo

James Bootle and Amanda Winterflood

Hotel Chocolat

How a Simple Recipe Can Deliver Sweet Success

We will unwrap the journey Hotel Chocolat has taken going ''back to basics''.
Having a clear strategy, partnering cross-functionally, and being decisive has driven efficiencies in our cost of service. All the while delivering happiness through chocolate to our customers across our +120 stores and millions of parcels from online orders.

About James Bootle and Amanda Winterflood

James Bootle - Head of Fulfilment Strategy & Programme Delivery joined Hotel Chocolat around 3 years ago. James has held multiple roles across Strategy, Transformation, and Change during his 15 year career, most recently 6 years at Tesco. James thrives on delivering value to businesses through a data-led and collaborative approach.
Amanda Winterflood - Head of Great Procurement Experience and Indirects joined Hotel Chocolat 18 months ago to build an Indirect Procurement Function from the ground up. Amanda''s approach is partnering with the business to deploy procurement techniques to reduce costs and increase service. Prior to Hotel Chocolat Amanda was with Mars and Kearney (formerly AT Kearney). Amanda holds an MBA from London Business School and a Bachelor''s in Supply Chain Management from Michigan State University.