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LAS VEGAS | 8 & 9 MAY 2024 Las Vegas Convention Center

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Fred Lill: Speaking at the E-Commerce, Packaging and Labelling Expo

Fred Lill

Co-Owner / Director - Lil Packaging

Lil Packaging - Our path To Net Zero Carbon

We will be talking openly about the company's 12,911 tonnes CO2e Carbon footprint in 2020 and wishes to encourage the audience to invest more resource to bring to market: Innovations that greatly minimise our energy consumption & sustainable alternatives to plastics, which will not cost the retailer double to switch.

About Fred Lill

The sustainable paperboard inventions of Lil's joint MD's Fred Lill (Sales) and brother Barry Lill (Operations) have substituted >20,000 tonnes of single-use plastics from the internet retailing sector. The 3 most famed being:
1. 2008, Lil envelope - paper-based alternative to Jiffy bags... chosen by the world's largest internet retailer.
2. 2014, Lil Breezebox - a paper voidfill integrated box to eradicate the need for polystyrene/ plastic voidfill.
3. 2018, Lil bag - the world's first kraft-paper alternative to polythene mailbags.
We're officially the world's first and only ZERO-Carbon packaging manufacturer but hope more will follow our path to NET-ZERO.