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Effortlessly Enter the CBD Industry with JM Wholesale

In recent years the UK public has been spending more on CBD products than they do on essential supplements like Vitamin C and Vitamin B1. The result? The UK is now the 2nd largest global consumer of CBD products, second only to the United States. This rapidly growing and developing market is rich with opportunities, not only for businesses in the health and fitness industries, but for retailers of all sizes and types throughout the UK. How can they take advantage of this growing industry and get to market fast? 

Why CBD? 

Public interest in CBD exploded, more than tripling between 2017 to 2018. In the past four years this demand has steadily matured, UK consumers are now enjoying CBD in countless products and have become accustomed to a wide range of choices to suit their individual lifestyles.

From drinks and snacks, to supplement pills and skin balms, CBD can be found in many forms in 2023. JM Wholesale’s CBD white labelling services excels in meeting this demand, offering our clients a vast range of product options to suit their needs.

This forms the basis of CBD’s commercial strength in many businesses; it can be adapted to many different customers and products. Our clients range from health and fitness businesses who sell CBD products for its benefits in recovering from exercise. We have pharmacies who sell CBD supplements, alongside traditional vitamin and mineral supplements. We have retail stores who sell white labelled CBD vapes alongside their nicotine vape and smoking cessation sales. Regardless of industry, CBD can be adapted for customers to enjoy in almost any setting.

Award-Winning CBD White Labelling  

JM Wholesale have proven to be a CBD industry leader with our decade-spanning experience and the tens of thousands of products we’ve released through various markets around the world. We are extremely proud to have been awarded several prestigious titles for our CBD products and services throughout 2022, including Global Excellence Awards’ Best CBD Distributor & Manufacturer for 2022.

Now in 2023, JM Wholesale supplies over 4000 CBD businesses across the UK, with top internationally recognised CBD brands, our own CBD products and of course our white labelled products. Our in-house manufacturing facilities, cleanrooms and dedicated R&D team makes us uniquely and expertly equipped in the CBD industry to deliver incredible products. We also supply many other major UK CBD manufacturers with the raw materials and products they need for their operations.

Almost any product can be created through our CBD white labelling service, including oils, capsules, sprays, sweets, food, patches, cosmetics, vapes and more: the options are endless and we hold the largest range of CBD white label products in the UK.

This is a rich opportunity for both online and offline retailers to benefit, by offering their customers high-quality CBD products, with exquisite packaging and design, perfectly representing their brand.

Our CBD white labelling service includes expert packaging, marketing and branding. We understand how to create designs that appeal to your customer base, and through consultation and discussion we can work together to come up with a stunning visual design that perfectly encapsulates your brand’s identity. We also offer unlimited revisions to our white label clients to ensure every detail is perfect, down to the finest detail.

Compliance Taken Care Of

While CBD is a fully-legal product in the UK, the government’s guidelines for manufacturers to understand compliance are complex, lengthy and technical3. This is just one of the reasons that we’re finding an increasing number of businesses seeking out our award-winning CBD white labelling service. The route to market is shortened significantly, saving our clients resources, time and money, while delivering products which perfectly represent their brand.

JM Wholesale are the only UK CBD Wholesaler to participate in the FSA’s Novel Food submission process. This means that our retailers can sell our white label CBD products safely in the knowledge that they fully comply with government standards and regulations.

Something Extra

While CBD continues to be immensely popular and in-demand, we’re constantly seeing new and emerging cannabinoids and supplements which our clients want. Awareness of both CBC and CBG is growing, and experienced CBD users are starting to expect their products to include a broad range of cannabinoids in a single serving. JM Wholesale are able to craft white labelled CBD products that include the full range of legal, beneficial cannabinoids, in full compliance with Novel Foods standards.

Furthermore, we’re also able to include well-known supplements, like Vitamin C, D, Turmeric, Ashwagandha and Lion’s Mane. These are just a few of the many nootropics and supplements which we’re able to blend into our white label CBD products for our customers.

Get In Touch

Effortlessly Enter the CBD Industry with JM Wholesale. We can assist you to introduce your new line of premium CBD products with our white label service, producing fantastic goods with sleek, eye-catching packaging and designs, all while adhering to UK and worldwide standards that will allow you to trade effortlessly.

We are the biggest supplier of CBD in the UK and can advise you on current market trends and positioning your products. Get in touch today, or read more about our CBD white label service.